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Aluna Rise

Movement & Meditation for Teens


Aluna means to approach, to loosen, pupil/student.

Aluna Rise has been founded on the principle that teens are both/and.

Founded by Kyle Klaas in 2023.

My goal is to help teens embrace themselves in the duality of being human.

They are expected to be both kids AND young adults. Quiet & still. Silly & Serious. Plyaful & Responsible. Happy & Sad. Hurt & Healing.

Teens deserve a safe space and a time to be and feel both/and. I want to give teens back their sovereignty to gain strength and power through their body, their mind and their inner self.  This can happen through movement (dance, yoga, pilates, free movement) and meditation. Classes include movement alongside breath-work, sound healing, meditation and journaling. 


Contact Kyle/Aluna Rise

Minneapolis, MN, USA



We can't wait to connect!

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